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I've started talking to HyperMario again. And i must say, it was really great doing so. My not talking to him for 7 months in retrospect was short-sighted. I will not do that again.
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I don't even dare express anything I feel in all the of my previous blog posts on a place like say, TVTropes.

There seems to be a crippling insecurity preventing me from doing so.

Too ashamed to be patriotic of America.

Too afraid to attack various acceptable targets, some of which be very well part of the audience.

And I haven't found a way to privately contact anyone on TVTropes, mostly nice people, on Live or AIM.

Flyboy is not easy contact except by commenting on his posts, and I do not wish to disrupt anything he is talking about.

The disadvantages of being a loner is being clearer and clearer to me everyday.
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It's great to see the health care bill pass, ending this legislative and national nightmare once and for all, hopefully. Finally, the first major domestic change done by Obama.

I could post a snarky comment about whining right-wingers, but I guess it's better not to.
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Goddamn jumping tap-dancing Christ-on-a-pogo-stick horeshit.

I completely and utterly forgot to do the Malaysian Studies assignment on the forum. It started on the September 15th, and now the deadline is past.

It's the Internet, damn it! This kind of shit shouldn't happen strictly for that reason!

I guess it does show how MUCH I care for that crap, huh.
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I think it is time to seriously, actually address my inactivity on LJ.

Maybe it is simply not in me to write about what happened in my life, no matter how major an event is, with few exceptions.

The only things I really feel like writing about is regarding America or Detroit, but frankly there is little left to discuss there, I think. Every time I want to write something, it ends up feeling like a rehash of what I have written before. It's pointless.

I might only write again when a major development in the USA or Detroit auto industry really happens.
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I have to, and should, look up an entire bunch of German universities and see which ones I can enter.

This is one of those things I just don't "get", namely, it all feels extremely complex to me for some strange reason. Bachelor's degree, postgraduate, blah blah blah...

I am wondering if deep down, I DON'T actually want to go into cars, but rather just enjoy them? Same like guns - I am interested in them, but have no desire to work for a gun company.

But I have IDEAS, dammit. Wouldn't that go to waste?

And not to mention, when I see what Ford and GM are doing, I feel like going in to SET THINGS RIGHT. Yes, Ford is doing many good things. But not enough. And some wrong ones too. Which will be defended by their staunch fanboys on GM forums, believe it or not, no matter what. Simply put: They are OVERHYPED and OVERRATED, at least for now. And there is nothing to indicate they'll do what I firmly believe they'll do in the next 10 years.

And yet, in my constant preaching of what I believe Detroit should do, namely, build more and more RWD vehicles, I start to look like one of the extremists on any of the sides I vehemently rail against. Hypocritical. How the fuck do I justify that? Yet it's what I believe. "He who fights with monsters" indeed.

Tying this in with my education, getting to be in a position where I can actually make those changes seem to be one in a million, no matter how FUCKING good you are. In fact, you may actually need to be INCOMPETENT to get such positions - how many useless shits have held them over the past 35 years? Just like the banks?

And on top of it all...how do let my family know that I also, or probably even only, want to go into the TV industry, since it doesn't require university degrees as much as car companies?

The clock is ticking...
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So damn long since my last post, that any thoughts I had in between then and now are no longer relevant.

What to say? Everything but my physics is doing okay, I guess.
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It's nice to know that not all liberals are bad.

I wish to respect other people's privacy so I'm not posting any links. All I'll say though is at least there are liberals who I can actually agree with in regards to gay marriage and gay rights, what America should be like, how stupid many retarded right-wingers are...WITHOUT THINKING THEY ARE SUPERIOR TO EVERY OTHER AMERICAN.

The capitalised part is important - this is something that happens far too goddamn commonly with liberals, who seem more interested in painting America as Land of the Stupid and Useless, and in their eyes anybody who does not agree with them is an idiot, a neocon. For all of they hatred of neocons, they have exactly the same "With Us or Against Us" policy that Bush had. But they'll never admit that, of course - it contradicts their rhetoric.

What I would like to see now is the more reasonable liberals disassociating themselves from their extremist, genuinely anti-American brethren.
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Once again I shall write on several issues bugging me in one post.

1. Malaysian Studies. I haven't logged in in a week. It's almost as if I don't dare to. As if I will be hounded like shit the moment I enter. I don't even dare to ask classmates about it yet. This may be the fault of Fallout 3, but chances are, even without that game, I wouldn't have said anything in the damn forum either. There's already very little to like about Malaysian politics, much less discuss.

2. My resume. It just occurred to me through the guidance of my elder sister that if I start writing down a resume, there wouldn't be much on it. A major part of the problem is that outside of Taekwondo, I was hardly ever involved in extracurricular activities, something universities, especially Western ones, put much emphasis on.

But what is there for me to join? I look at the list of clubs, and I do not see a car club or western animation club, yet there is an anime club. Although, film club or engineering club may be the closest to what I want...

The common theme for all of my concerns is obvious: Is it too late?
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Many times throughout my life, I have been told I must respect everyone's opinion.

Bull. Fucking. Shit.

If I meet a person whose opinion is so disgusting, offensive, stupid, bigoted, hypocritical or all of those, you can get bet his face will NEVER look the same again.

Example? Like some of these vehement anti-Detroit fucks who are literally DETERMINED to see Detroit fail, and can only give the one genetically encoded knee-jerk response they have upon hearing anything about Detroit: DETROIT MUST DIE!!! DETROIT CANT BUILD HONDAS OR TOYOTAS!!! GOOD OL BOY WHITE TRASH MIDWEST SONS OF BITCHES CEOS WAAAAAAH!!

And before anyone, especially those stupid cunts, accuse me of being a Detroit fanboy, I will be the first to admit they have made many, many mistakes - and just 6 or 7 years ago, I wouldn't support them at all. And currently, I still fret and rant about certain decisions they are making (or rather, aren't). Even Ford, the current media darling, is not doing everything I feel they should do.

But have they improved? YES. They now make many vehicles that can be genuinely considered against the competition, and only stupid shitfaces like the ones I mentioned refuse to face those facts, as if the belief or knowledge that Detroit sucks is what keeps them ALIVE, and to believe that that isn't true anymore will cause their heads to explode. It's like proving the Earth is flat.

When it comes to Detroit, pessimism is their MO. They will choose to believe in the very worst outcomes, such as predicting GM and Chrysler will liquidate during their bankruptcies...oh wait. But since that didn't happen, they are now predicting they will fall apart in less than 2 years. Believing the worst when it comes to Detroit is their motherfucking oxygen.

The best part of course, is that don't even believe America needs a car industry, or that America is even capable of having one. Up to the point where they may CHEER LIKE SHIT when a non-American enters Detroit's ranks. If not that, then they will try and justify Toyota or Honda as American companies, to compensate for their belief that real American car companies can never be established. The best part is when someone said "Americans make the best Toyotas and Hondas in the world"...Toyotas and Hondas designed by Japanese and are not in accordance with what American cars really should be like. After all, the very concept of a good American car with its own identity is more impossible than flying with your bare hands.

Treasonous pieces of shit that shouldn't even be considered human beings. There are times when you really, REALLY just cannot wrap yourself in the First Amendment and say whatever the fuck you want...
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